This electric bicycle is designed for all-season use, equipped with comfortable 20″ fat tire wheels. Maximum expected range on flat ground using the Pedal Assist System (PAS) is up to 70 km. Also, you can ride solely on motor power for a distance up to 45 km depending on your personal weight, ground slope and other conditions. Bike is equipped with a powerful brushless motor 500W, providing high torque and a cruise speed up to 32 km/h. This bike is foldable and can fit in almost any car trunk, storage room or home balcony.



Bike is equipped with a high quality, high capacity Samsung cells Lithium-Ion battery, hidden inside of the frame and easy removable. You can charge your battery while it is installed in the bike or remove it and charge it at home. A full charge is reached within 4 hours.



This bike is equipped with a “Thumb Throttle”, operating much like a motorcycle or ATV and the more you push the throttle, the faster the motor will move the bike.


PAS (Pedal Assist System)

In this mode, motor power is only active when the pedals are in forward motion. Begin riding as you would on a normal non-electric bicycle, and while the pedals are in motion, the motor is activated to make it easier to pedal the bike. Available 5 levels of assist.



It is important you understand your new bicycle. It is also important that your first ride is taken in a controlled environment, away from cars, obstacles, and other cyclists. Proper maintenance of your e-Bike is your responsibility as it helps reduce the risk of injury.


Read the Operation Manual entirely before your first ride
and enjoy your new and exciting bike.